Advanced Treatments of Botox in Cyprus

different treatments of botox

Modern, Approved Dermatology Centers

New and effective Botulinum Toxin treatments are available in Cyprus with specialists and certified doctors who have successfully exercised and worked in this field for years. The advanced dermatology centers of Botox in Cyprus have recently improved their treatments, giving the best results to anyone looking for skincare therapy that can be designed and modified especially for them. Here you can learn more information about the Advanced treatments of Botox in Cyprus.

Types of Newly Developed Botulinum Toxin Treatments

There are four types of newly developed Botulinum Toxin treatment that can be chosen for injection, depending on the specific needs of each patient. All four treatments are offered and practiced effectively and successfully to patients looking for Botox in Cyprus.

The Botox Treatment

This is the oldest and most commonly used type of Botulinum Toxin. This specific treatment was first approved in 2002 but advanced through the recent years, always in progress of becoming more and more effective. Botox is known for treating unwanted wrinkles and forehead lines on facial skin. Its results can take time to appear on the skin, usually three to five days post-session. It has an effective outcome on the skin that can last up to four months after the first injection. Botox was the first Botulinum Toxin treatment that was discovered in this field of medicine. Still, it continued to grow in research through the years, becoming this so well-known, advanced skincare therapy that it is today.

The Dysport Treatment

The particular treatment that is called Dysport was first approved in 2009 and just like Botox, it can help with muscle spasticity. The results of Dysport can appear within twenty-four hours after the treatment but last less in time compared to Botox.

The Juneau Treatment

Juneau is a treatment firstly approved in 2019 and it is one of the most recent and newly developed treatments in the industry. Its effects and results are extremely similar to the Botox treatment. Just like Botox, it can take up to five days for the results to appear but in this case, the effects can last up to six months time.

The Xeomin Treatment

This specific type of treatment was first approved in 2011 but recently advanced to also correct excessive drooling along with all the other results that the previous types of Botulinum Toxin treatment can offer.

Medical Centers and Certified Dermatologists in Cyprus

Medical centers that perform the treatments of Botox in Cyprus contain advanced equipment and offer newly developed treatments and therapy, with safe and effective tools that can be adjusted and modified to the needs of each patient. Certified doctors and dermatologists and specialists of Botox in Cyprus, are here to understand your needs and work on your skin. Many professionals with the proper knowledge and years of experience in this field offer the treatments of Botox in Cyprus and are available to provide the best solutions for your skincare needs.