Do Men in Cyprus get Botox?

botox on men

It is not that common for men in Cyprus to get botox compared to the population of women who tend to be more interested in this specific type of treatment. One thing is for sure, Botox on men is no longer taboo and there are many treatments available and modified especially for men in Cyprus.

Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Botox Treatment

Of course, the Botox treatment that is designed for men can be slightly different compared to a woman’s treatment since the needs and goals for men’s skincare cannot always be the same. Moreover, since men do generally have bigger facial muscles, the dosage for the injection has to be more compared to the dosage an average woman would usually take.

Just like women, men also have wrinkles that tend to be created with age. Other facial results of aging can be the loss of elasticity of the skin. The effects of loose skin can be treated with botox despite the gender of the person. There are many aesthetic treatments that men choose to have that benefit their skin and their looks. Botox can be one of them but not the only one available.

Although women dominate the population of cosmetic customers worldwide, there are also many men who choose to benefit from the goods that botox offers to the skin even in Cyprus. Not only that, there are many products and services designed especially for them and they are also available in Cyprus. The specific treatment of Botox can be found in many medical and dermatological centers in Cyprus and can be applied to anyone, despite their gender.

Reasons why men would want Botox

There are a few main reasons why men want to get Botox and they are the following:

They want to look younger in their workspace

Looking younger, healthier, and brighter, especially in the workspace areas, can benefit men by giving them the confidence to stay competitive against other younger men inside their work environment.
(H3) They look up to social media personas and characters:
There is pressure nowadays, not only for women but also for men, to maintain this specific image of themselves on social media. Not only social media platforms but also dating apps give men more motivation to look younger.

They want to improve their self-esteem

Many men are just interested in maintaining a younger image and boosting their self-esteem, gaining back confidence, and feeling better about their looks and appearances. That could also conclude to having more confidence in their love life.

The Botox treatment in Cyprus for Men

Botox treatments can be a great way for men in Cyprus to learn more about their skincare needs and to apply good quality aesthetic treatments into their routine.
Although on the other hand, not many men in Cyprus seem to have an interest in aesthetic treatments like Botox, it is important for them to know that these treatments are available in Cyprus for them to try for themselves, with the promise that it will benefit them, their confidence and their skin.